2 comments on “The Monterey Pop Festival 1967

  1. Man, I fully agree with every word in this essay. The Monterey Pop festival is indeed an amazing watch, I might like it more than even Woodstock (though I realize the latter was a more important cultural event).

    Some favourite moments: Pete Townshend’s “this is where it all ends!” quote right before playing My Generation, Hendrix’s incendiary (pun intended!) Wild Thing performance, the shots of Mama Cass being absolutely speechless during Joplin’s mind-blowing ‘Ball and Chain’ and many, many more.

    What’s funny is that I had to do an assignment a few years ago in high school about a place that I would love to go to, if given the chance to go back in time and picked the Monterey festival without blinking an eye.

    • Thank you for your comment. Monterrey Pop set the direction for festivals to follow. I like the project team, John Phillips, Lou Adler and Michelle Phillips. They planned an excellent agenda. I especially liked that Paul McCartney and Brian Jones were there in all their splendor. Hendrix fawning over Bob Dylan’s grandmother was a unique moment.

      I too would love to travel back to that event. “I think that maybe I’m dreaming, Monterrey”.

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