Carly Rae Jepson Breaks The Sophmore Jinx

It is rare that I write about Pop music sensations. But I have a great- nephew who loves to dance to the song, “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson. The song reminds me of a happy memory and  I never tire hearing it played. It looks like I am not alone with 651 million hits for her YouTube Video.

I wondered would Carly Rae Jepson be the victim of “One Hit Island” with “Call Me Maybe”. But after hearing her new song, “I Really Like You” I am confident she will break the Sophmore jinx that plagues many artists who have that first hit and then can never repeat that phenomenon.

Congratulations Carly the pressure is off you now.

James Brown – Get On Up

I rented this movie yesterday at the Red Box. Got the Blu-Ray edition. They cripple the rental copies these days so you rarely get the DVD extras which are quite substantive on Get On Up. 

I loved this biopic. Chadwick Boseman is a fine actor. His characterizations as Jackie Robinson in 42 and James Brown in Get On Up have been breathtaking. I also liked him in Draft Day with Kevin Costner.

I was amazed at his transformation into James Brown. He has him down pat. My favorite eras of James Brown are well represented in the combination of history and the interactions he has with Bobby Byrd, Maceo Parker, the audience at The Apollo (probably the best live recording of all time) and Dan Ackroyd as his manager.

You learn how integral James Brown was in forming the Funk for Soul and R&B.  Watch this movie when you can. You will not sit still trust me.


Little Arabella By The Nice

I often think of the days in the late 60s and early 70s I listened to progressive FM music on WNEW-FM 102.7 from New York City. My favorite disk jockey was Scott Muni, Scotsso was his nickname. He often played this song by The Nice, “Little Arabella”.

I went looking for the original studio cut that Scottso would play and found it on YouTube.

There is also a live recording of Little Arabella from The Fillmore East. The best rock palace of all time!

Music Mash ’15 – Saturday March 7th, 2015

Music Mash '15

Attention vinyl junkies! WPKN, the People’s Kosmic Network public radio station is holding a fantastic record fair on Saturday March 7th. If you live in the New York/Connecticut area I urge you to come out, shop, meet the famous personalities scheduled to be there (they are to be announced that Saturday morning!).

The event is being held in historic downtown Bridgeport, Connecticut at the Reads ArtSpace 1042 Broad Street. Parking is FREE.

I attended the previous Music Mash ’13 at the Fairfield Theater Annex in Fairfield. I got to meet Hilton Valentine of The Animals which was cool. The best tables of vinyl for sale were from WPKN themselves. Someone donated their private collection to help the event. The LPs were stickered by condition level and were reasonably priced. I bought Wooly Bully by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs in mint condition ;)

If you are a fan of vinyl album art like I am take a gander at WPKN’s Vinyl LP of the Day Facebook gallery. Lots of great album covers from the WPKN 89.5 FM Library. Who knows maybe some of these albums will be for sale this Saturday?

Information and Directions are contained in this PDF file. I plan on stopping by on Saturday hope to see you there.

“Let’s Not Be L7″

James Bay

Now I understand why James Bay is so popular. Give him a listen. He’s got that infectious sound.

Anticipating his debut album, Chaos and the Calm which drops on March 24th.

Once again the British Music sound conquers America, Cool!

Jethro Tull – The Rock Opera

TullIan Anderson celebrates the life and times of the English Agricultural inventor, Jethro Tull, with the announcement of a new series of concert tours beginning September 2015.

The shows tell the story of the original Jethro Tull’s life, reimagined as if in the near future and illustrated with Anderson’s best-known songs from the rock band Jethro Tull’s repertoire.

The performance is in a quasi-operatic structure with virtual guests on video and some additional newly-written songs to round off the elements of the story. Heavy Horses, Farm On The Freeway, Songs From The Wood sit alongside Aqualung, Living In The Past, Wind-Up, A New Day Yesterday, The Witch’s Promise, Locomotive Breath and other favourites – often with slightly re-written lyrics to better tell the tale.

Accompanied by David Goodier (bass), John O’Hara (keyboards), Florian Opahle (guitar), Scott Hammond (drums) and surprise virtual guests, Ian Anderson begins the touring schedule in the UK followed by Russian, European and South American dates before the end of the year.

Tour dates to be confirmed soon!


Thoughts from Ian Anderson

The repertoire of Jethro Tull has been a huge part of my life over the last forty-seven years so it is great fun to find a new way to present some of my best-known songs in a different and fitting context.

As a tribute to the original 18th Century agriculturalist whose name our agent “borrowed” back in February 1968, I have imagined a scenario where the pioneering pursuit of improved crop-growing and farming methodology might apply to the world of today and tomorrow. (Yawn, yawn but who else is going to feed the planet?)

When this notion first occurred to me last Summer, I had no inkling that, when I examined all of my song material – especially the lyrics, there would be so many perfect fits in regard to song subject and references.

The life story of the original Tull (in as much as we have recorded historical detail of it) has so many interesting and workable parallels. Wind Up, Heavy Horses, Aqualung, Back to the family, Farm On The Freeway and Songs From The Wood amongst others were natural inclusions. A few others were bent into shape with a slight re-write of lyrics and five new songs round off the intended setlist.

Some of the material will be accompanied by brief performance inserts of our “virtual guests” on the big HD video screen. Instead of spoken introductions to the songs in the show, there will be the use of that operatic device, the “recitative”, where the links are made by short sung vocal segments in a usually-simple musical backdrop, making it a little easier and more entertaining for non-English-speaking audiences.

No Pier Pressure – Brian Wilson

I love the double entendre implied in the album title by Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. The first meaning I readily see is that Brian Wilson’s album, No Pier Pressure means “No peer pressure” from his cousin Mike Love or Bruce Johnston. The songs on No Pier Pressure were written and designed for continuing The Beach Boys 50 Year Anniversary band. The split between Brian, Al Jardine and David Marks with Mike Love is clearly evident. Just like Brian Wilson I have animosity with Love and Johnston for heading back out on the road as The Beach Boys without Brian, Al and David. I won’t ever go see Mike Love’s Beach Boys. His band and ego hold no fascination for me. Especially after seeing The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Tour live at Mohegan Sun in 2012.

The second meaning of No Pier Pressure is the pier effortlessly standing tall enduring the pressure of the ocean’s waves every day in California’s Pacific Ocean. Brian Wilson epitomizes the pier with no pressure in terms of his superlative song writing and genius production skills in the face of nature.

I look forward to owning this recording after Lent. No Pier Pressure will drop on April 7th, 2015.

Here is the first track from the album and man is it sweet, “The Right Time”. Check out Don Was on bass in the studio with Brian, Al and David.

Duets: Re-Working The Catalogue – Van Morrison

Van Morrison
Van Morrison (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DUETS: RE-WORKING THE CATALOGUE is Van Morrison’s 35th studio album. It is due for release in the US & WW on March 24th.

Full Track Listing

Some Peace of Mind with Bobby Womack
Lord, If I Ever Needed Someone with Mavis Staples
Higher Than The World with George Benson
Wild Honey with Joss Stone
Whatever Happened to PJ Proby
Carrying a Torch with Clare Teal
The Eternal Kansas City with Gregory Porter
Streets Of Arklow with Mick Hucknall
These Are The Days with Natalie Cole
Get On With The Show with Georgie Fame
Rough God Goes Riding with Shana Morrison
Fire in the Belly with Steve Winwood
Born To Sing with Chris Farlowe
Irish Heartbeat with Mark Knopfler
Real Real Gone with Michael Bublé
How Can A Poor Boy with Taj Mahal

50 Years of the AACM Celebrated in NYC Concerts – By JazzTimes — Jazz Articles

This is a follow up piece from Jazz Times in reference to the blog post I wrote last month about the AACM 50th Anniversary Celebration. It outlines the 50th anniversary concert series to be held in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Jazz Articles: 50 Years of the AACM Celebrated in NYC Concerts – By JazzTimes — Jazz Articles.