Walter Becker – Circus Money

The other half of Steely Dan, Walter Becker is finally satisfied with his latest studio recording, Circus Money (available June 10th).

It has been 14 years since Walter Becker’s last solo studio recording, 11 Tracks of Whack. If you have been a fan of Steely Dan, one aspect you have come to appreciate is the perfectionism that Walter Becker and Donald Fagen evidence throughout their recordings. The Steely Dan timeless classics, Aja and Gaucho literally contain no wasted notes.

Circus Money is an interesting point of departure for Walter Becker’s musical direction. He has teamed up with producer/composer/arranger Larry Klein (see my review of his handiwork with Herbie Hancock’s River: Letters to Joni which won Grammy Album of the Year 2008, elsewhere on this blog). Together they have woven a rich tapestry of sound that is heavily accented with jamaican rhythms, r&b etc. The stellar core musicianship of drummer Keith Carlock, guitarist Jon Herington and keyboard player Ted Baker makes this an infectious non-stop groove.

Listen to the Circus Money sample audio player here —>

Circus Money cover shot


Bennie Maupin – Early Reflections

A Miles Davis alumnus you want to experience who provides clarity of jazz vision is Bennie Maupin.

He’s making some great music of late. I am enjoying his jazz craftmanship a great deal as a multireedist. His latest work with The Bernie Maupin Quartet is entitled Early Reflections on Cryptogrampophone, an eclectic, creative jazz and world music entertainment label from Los Angeles.

I am including links to several reviews of Early Reflections to round out your knowledge and enhance your listening pleasure.

Yours in Jazz and Music, Edje 😉

The healing light of Lisbeth Scott

I want to share with you an artist who I firmly believe to be blessed with the gift of healing through her music and voice. Her name is Lisbeth Scott. I have been fortunate to become a fan and recipient of Lisbeth’s healing light for the past five years now.

I first encountered Lisbeth’s vocals as a byproduct of listening to Paul Schwartz’s State of Grace II recording. My interest about Paul’s music originated from learning that Carlos Santana had collaborated with Paul Schwartz on the track, Curacion (Sunlight On Water). A beautiful song that opens magically as a bright light flower, then carries us across the water as we float upon its petals.

The song that fortified my faith and told me that Lisbeth Scott channels the singing voice of Mother Mary is entitled Fear Not. I am moved to tears whenever I hear this song as I visualize Mary comforting her son Jesus before he was crucified on the cross to save mankind. Lisbeth is truly blessed with the holy spirit as a compassionate person. These are the reasons why I believe Lisbeth was chosen to be the vocal coach for the movie, The Passion of the Christ 🙂

This leads us to Lisbeth Scott’s latest recording, Biomusique, the 10,000 steps which is due to be released next week on May 13th, 2008. A well crafted collaboration with Greg Ellis that will warm your psyche as it guides you along the path  of your inner pursuit.

I have been listening to the Biomusique music player solidly for more than a week now. It has brought many  waves of peace and harmony to my soul. This recording is a healing musical tapestry that slowly engulfs you with newfound depth and purpose. I urge you to give the music player on Biomusique’s web site a listen. The soothing sounds will embrace you like the essence of spring flowers as they embroider their fragrance across your heart.


Yours In Healing and Music, Ed 

NIN the slip – Hey It’s Free!

It took me far too long to catch up with NIN, Nine Inch Nails. It had to do with time, inclination, false reservations, capacity, personal bandwidth and other aspects of the “grey matter” psyche that get in the path of great music being able to reach our hearts and ears.

The past two NIN recordings Ghosts I-IV and the latest recording, the slip are fascinating, soulful, introspective works of art that speak to the sensibility of the human spirit. I especially love the ambient sound of Ghosts I-IV.

I really appreciate Trent Reznor and NIN making the slip available for free download. Its exciting to receive their music direct and immediate, the download process is very streamlined, well managed and coordinated. I feel both trusted and privileged that NIN shares their music this way. There are various media forms of the spin available. I decided to get the Apple (M4A) Lossless edition and added it to my iTunes library on my MacBook Pro. The musical woven tapestry took residence in my psyche quickly by forming a strong connection via the unique sounds and electronics incorporated.

I like their wiki, the nine inch nails wiki

Explore the slip….


A Power Stronger Than Itself: The A.A.C.M. and Experimental Music

I can always count on the NY Times Music section to enlighten, inform and add to the depth of my passion for music. For those of you who have a prurient interest in the jazz form, or if you’d like to develop that interest I urge you to read this article, “Four Decades of Music That Redefined Free”. Also take a look at the article’s side bar which features a dozen vital Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) jazz works both past and present that are certain to redefine your musical horizon.

As some of you know I minored in music in college and I was fortunate enough to have some of the best music scholars from Wesleyan University expand my consciousness about jazz, blues and world music. The NY Times article by Nate Chinen highlights a note worthy achievement that my former music professors would be raving about. Its very cool that George Lewis’s book represents AACM and it’s four decades of avant-garde jazz and musical creative genius contributions.

“A Power Stronger Than Itself: The A.A.C.M. and Experimental Music,” is a vitally important book by the trombonist-composer-scholar George Lewis from the University of Chicago Press
I bought this book as the era it spans is the same time frame when I discovered free form jazz. I will follow up on this music posting with a more comprehensive review after I have read and digested this work.

Should you be inclined and be in the NY City area. A concert and discussion tied to the publication of “A Power Stronger Than Itself” will be held on May 9 at the Community Church of New York, 40 East 35th Street, Manhattan, contact The Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) New York
 for more details.