Davy Jones Joins The Light

I received an e-mail this afternoon from the LA Times informing me that Davy Jones of  The Monkees was dead. It hit me like a ton of bricks. The Monkees were my youth. They represented a child like innocence with a magic all its own.

Davy Jones possessed a smiling face with a boyish charm.  I feel like part of my youth is gone….sigh…our heart goes out to Davy Jones, his family and fellow Monkees, Peter Tork, Mickey Dolenz and Mike Nesmith. Rock and Roll Heaven just got a great singer and tambourine player. We’ll miss you Davy.


3 Replies to “Davy Jones Joins The Light”

  1. If you believe in forever
    then life is just a one night stand
    if there’s a rock & roll heaven
    well you know they got a hell of a band.~ Alan O’Day

    RIP to the white knight on his steed. from one of the “”Daydream Believers” Thank you Davy for the Memories.


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