Joe Satriani – Unstoppable Momentum

My favorite rad yet disciplined guitarist is Joe Stariani. I have seen Joe Satriani perform live twice. The first time was at the 2006 Jammy Awards in a collaborative jam session. with a mixture band consisting of Steve KimockJane’s Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins, horn player Willy Waldman, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey bassist Reed Mathis and Grace Potter.

The second time was as part of the Jimi Hendrix Tribute where he shredded like nobody’s business.

Joe Satriani will release his new album, Unstoppable Momentum on May 7th.

As a music collector I find this collectible of keen interest. I just don’t have a spare $150 to spend for this memorabilia package right now (only 300 available).

Includes limited edition numbered & signed “Joe’s Art 2013” 98-page art book featuring never-before-seen drawings, doodles, & sketches.This bundle also includes an exclusive T-shirt, a 19×13 poster of exclusive Joe art, the digital album (delivered on release date in 320kbps MP3 format), the Unstoppable Momentum CD & autographed CD booklet, and an early download of a digital single before release date.



Raspberry Pi and Music Hacks (Raspberry Beret – Prince)

I am both a music and techno-geek. I have been employed in information technology for 32 years now. My interest has become refocused on software design and development. Call me a digital music wonk 😉  Just like my computer network management students I too want to hack.

I have followed the Music Hack Days actively for the past two+ years now. I have finally found the niche to pursue as a music hacker in earnest with a stated purpose and direction.

My tool of choice is to buy a Raspberry Pi credit card computer ($25-$35) and accessories (TBD)  that allow me to exploit the media center and music hack options. I am eager to emulate, test and then build upon that learning to create a music hack of  merit.

(I freely associate music songs with ideas and vice-versa, so the song by Prince, “Raspberry Beret” continually comes to mind when I think about Raspberry Pi and music…)

Raspberry Pi is a “hot” phenomenon with the ever-growing Linux crowd. It is the lowest cost way to teach yourself how to program in the Python programming discipline. First and foremost its a great toy that you can feel free to experiment with and make a modicum of success right away.

Like most technology revolutions Raspberry Pi has forged a community of enthusiasts that want to succeed together at the low-end of the spectrum for now.

Mark my words it is my “mind’s eye” prediction that Raspberry Pi designers/developers a.k.a hacks will produce commercial electronic solutions worthy of attention and initial sales by the time the Consumer Electronics Show happens in January 2014. Raspberry Pi is poised for exponential growth.

Here are just a few of the early music hacks I have discovered with Raspberry Pi.

1) How to Hack your Raspberry Pi to Play Music Wirelessly from any IOS Device

2) Raspberry Pi Synthesizer

And when all else fails, remember we Got The Beets LOL!

3) BeetBox

Dylan & the Dead Data Point Expanded

Rolling Stone Magazine published this data point in The Dead by the Numbers end-note article in the Grateful Dead, The Ultimate Guide (Special Collectors Edition)

There are 38 Dylan songs in the Dead’s live catalog.

I have gravitated to one collaborative recording in particular, “Queen Jane Approximately” from Bob Dylan’s 1965 double album, Blonde on Blonde.  I am torn as to which is my favorite live rendition. I first listened to the Dylan cover compilation recording on Postcards of the Hanging (Grateful Dead/Arista). It was recorded on December 29, 1988 at The Oakland Coliseum in California. Bob Weir handles the lead vocal with Dylan inflections on a couple of stanzas.

I next listened to the Dylan & The Dead  live recording on Bob Dylan’s Columbia label. This live recording happened first on July 19, 1987 in Eugene, Oregon.

I located a video on YouTube that underscores the English Tudor symbolism of Queen Jane. However, in 1965 Dylan himself told journalist Nora Ephron that “Queen Jane is a man”.[4][8]

It is amazing that Bob Dylan and The Dead performed live in concert together at all. If you attended in person any of the Dylan and Dead live shows you probably never knew that it was indeed a simple twist of fate that Bob Dylan and The Dead gelled as a performance nucleus.

Read this Open Culture educational media article about the Dead and Dylan rehearsals to learn more about what finally changed Bob Dylan’s mind to agree to the tour. Bob Dylan’s wry wit about the often Dead rumored “acid-trip” is expressed about the shows at the end of his two-level quote. There is also an audio link on that page that lets you play individual tracks from the 74 song five-hour+ rehearsal!

In Chronicles, Volume 1 he writes:

After an hour or so, it became clear to me that the band wanted to rehearse more and different songs than I had been used to doing with Petty. They wanted to run over all the songs, the ones they liked, the seldom seen ones. I found myself in a peculiar position and I could hear the brakes screech. If I had known this to begin with, I might not have taken the dates…. There were so many [songs] that I couldn’t tell which was which-I might even get the words to some mixed up with others.

Dylan eventually excused himself from the studios, intending never to return. But an encounter with a local jazz band — call it a simple twist of fate — brought him back. Dylan and The Dead started playing through his big repertoire. It was tough sledding at first. “But then miraculously,” he adds,  ”something internal came unhinged.” “I played these shows with The Dead and never had to think twice about it. Maybe they just dropped something in my drink, I can’t say, but anything they wanted to do was fine with me.”


Garcia’s – Lobby Bar at The Capitol Theatre in Portchester, NY

The first place I ever caught the Grateful Dead live was at The Capitol Theatre in Portchester, NY on November 7, 1970. The New Riders of the Purple Sage opened the show that evening with Jerry Garcia playing pedal steel guitar. I recall my brother-in-law Paco telling us that he had drinks next door to The Capitol at Vassons with Jerry Garcia and Pigpen prior to the show. So this announcement is very àpropos.

The Capitol Theatre has christened its lobby bar as “Garcia’s” in honor of the legendary Grateful Dead guitarist and singer, who considered the venue was of his favorite in the country. The bar, which formally opens May 16-18, will operate seven days a week and will host live music. The opening ceremony will feature three night’s of performances by Reid Genauer and Friends.

The news came yesterday, at the end of the final night of Furthur’s nine-show run at The Capitol Theatre. Garcia’s daughter Trixie was on-hand for the announcement. “We chose to launch this idea at the Capitol because of its long and illustrious history with the Grateful Dead and the jam scene,” said Trixie. “We hope that it becomes a hub for the community to share stories and continue to build lifelong memories and friendships. Pete Shapiro and the Capitol Theatre staff were the appropriate partners to do this with because of our shared goals and his continued love and support of the Grateful Dead community. Just as important to note is the fact that Jerry’s parents supported our family by owning and operating a bar in San Francisco in the 1940’s and so it seemed right to reconnect with our family tradition.”

Garcia’s will be the first bar to be officially associated with Jerry Garcia’s family.

Garcia’s will include rare photos, artwork and equipment, including vintage never-before-seen shots from famed music/fashion photographer Roberto Robanne, who met Garcia in 1966 and had unlimited access to the band. The bar will also have a 18” bronze sculpture of Garcia’s hand, which has been loaned to the establishment by noted philanthropist and Grateful Dead fan Scott Brittingham. Garcia’s will offer craft beers, as well as wines and spirits, with a focus on local producers. The bar will also host concerts from emerging artists on nights when the theatre is closed.

Special Collectors Edition, Rolling Stone – Grateful Dead, The Ultimate Guide

Rolling Stone Magazine, San Francisco and The Grateful Dead. A match made in heaven collaborated on earth.

There is nothing like a Grateful Dead show. The music, the feeling that you experience at their concerts is the most original cosmic force existent.

This magazine does an incredible job in 100 pages of capturing and documenting the 48 years of America’s greatest band. It’s a tremendous value at $11.99 to have a well curated, cross-functional collection of excerpted articles from the original pages of Rolling Stone Magazine.

I urge you to buy a copy of this special collectors edition for your very own. The photographs by Jay Blakesberg, Herb Greene, Baron Wolman, Jim Marshall and others beautifully articulate the halcyon era of Rock’s Longest Strangest Trip.


Open Our Eyes, The Peace Richie Havens Has Given Us

There has always been and will forever be the great feeling of Peace that Richie Havens created from his soul to ours.

I sang this song with Richie Havens on the way to work this morning and it comforts the music of our heart during our time of mourning.

God Bless You Richie Havens, you are the True Soul of Our Peace!

Father, open our eyes, that we
may see, to follow thee. Oh lord
grant us, thy lovin' peace, and let
all dissension cease. Let our fait,
each day increase, 
and Master - Lord please-
Open our eyes, open our eyes-

He has given us, hills and mountains, he 
has given us, level places. 
He has given us food and clothing, 
given us shelter from the storm and the rain-
And all that he provided,
kept us shelter from the storm and the rain-

Grant us thy lovin' peace,
and let all dissension cease,
let our faith each day increase,
and Master - Lord please
Open our eyes, open our eyes

© EMI Music Publishing Author: Leon Lumkins 
(Leon Lumkins and the Gospel Clefs)