Joe Satriani – Unstoppable Momentum

My favorite rad yet disciplined guitarist is Joe Stariani. I have seen Joe Satriani perform live twice. The first time was at the 2006 Jammy Awards in a collaborative jam session. with a mixture band consisting of Steve KimockJane’s Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins, horn player Willy Waldman, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey bassist Reed Mathis and Grace Potter.

The second time was as part of the Jimi Hendrix Tribute where he shredded like nobody’s business.

Joe Satriani will release his new album, Unstoppable Momentum on May 7th.

As a music collector I find this collectible of keen interest. I just don’t have a spare $150 to spend for this memorabilia package right now (only 300 available).

Includes limited edition numbered & signed “Joe’s Art 2013” 98-page art book featuring never-before-seen drawings, doodles, & sketches.This bundle also includes an exclusive T-shirt, a 19×13 poster of exclusive Joe art, the digital album (delivered on release date in 320kbps MP3 format), the Unstoppable Momentum CD & autographed CD booklet, and an early download of a digital single before release date.



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