Review: ZZ Top at the Oakdale

ZZ Top

JD and the Straight Shot

May 8, 2013

Toyota at the Oakdale Theatre

Wallingford, Ct.


I can confirm that this venerable power trio is way more than a “lil ole band from Texas”. They came out, hit their marks on the stage and cranked out their classic blues rock for 90 minutes non-stop. The sound they produce together will grip ya. You feed off their energy song after song. I am always amazed the hurricane gale strength three musicians amplified delivers at the combined center of their respective sound.

What I love about ZZ Top is that they are all meat and no-filler. They had a unique stage setup that takes effective use of wireless networking especially those long cylindrical mike stands. This picture I took with my iPhone captures what I visually experienced. They  had some very cool and captivating graphic effects.

ZZ Top is symbolically associated with sex, cars and rock and roll. They produce great driving music. Gimme All Your Lovin always revs my engines 🙂

The opening (warmup) act was JD and the Straight Shot. The band is led by Jim Dolan on lead vocals and guitar. They did a 30 minute set. The song I liked the most by this ensemble was the psychedelic cover of It’s A Beautiful Day’s White Bird. 

JD & The Straight Shot

ZZ Top Set List

  1. Precious and Grace 
  2. Heartache in Blue 
  3. Waitin’ for the Bus 
  4. Jesus Just Left Chicago 
  5. Flyin’ High 
  6. Pincushion 
  7. Heard it on the X 
  8. I Gotsta Get Paid 
  9. A Fool for Your Stockings 
  10. My Head’s in Mississippi 
  11. Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings 
  12. Certified Blues 
  13. Chartreuse 
  14. Sharp Dressed Man 
  15. Legs   

And yes they still have those white fuzzy guitars from the Legs video 😉 


  1. Tube Snake Boogie 
  2. Viva Las Vegas 
  3. La Grange / Sloppy Drunk / Bar-B-Q 
  4. Tush



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