Superorganism – Mickey Hart Band

Freshly announced is the Mickey Hart BandSuperorganism album and 2013 tour. Designed to celebrate Mickey Hart’s 70th birthday ( the album will once again feature lyrics from Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter, as well as a number of special guest musicians, who will be appearing at various dates along the Superorganism 2013 tour run.

Superorganism will drop on August 13th. The Mickey Hart Band will make a stop in my birth city, Norwalk, Connecticut on Friday August 16th at the Norwalk Concert Hall. I have submitted a request to become a Stellar Crew, Mickey Hart Official Street Team Member.

So looking forward to this music concert experience.

Mickey Hart will perform with an EEG cap on his while he plays the sounds of his brain. For an example of how this works, check out the video below of Hart’s talk at the AARP convention in New Orleans last November. I am a big believer and supporter of Mickey’s work with music and neurology. Music has healing powers.

Visit the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function for more information on this important effort.


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