2013 Bijou Film Festival – Muscle Shoals


I love discovering unique entertainment venues right in my backyard. A couple of months back I stumbled on the Bijou Theatre in downtown Bridgeport.The city of Bridgeport, Ct always creates a warm, eclectic feel when it comes to the arts for us. We have been steady patrons of the Downtown Cabaret Theatre as well as The Klein in Bridgeport. We’re very excited to see Elton John on November 8th in Bridgeport at The Webster Bank Arena in Harbor Yard.



The Bijou is the one of the oldest buildings used as a movie house in the country. The Bijou Theatre is a multi–functional venue with integrity and an open minded philosophy. A symposium for film, theatre, art, comedy and music.




The Bijou will be hosting its first independent film festival, The Bijou Theatre Film Festival 2013. this week October 3-6 in conjunction with Oktoberfest.  The festival film that has my interest is Muscle Shoals which I blogged about a few months back (june 10, 2013). It will be screening on Saturday October 5th at 4 p.m. I can’t wait to see this film.




TomorrowWorld is Wow!

I discovered this event this morning, it’s called TomorrowWorld.  I love music festivals and this one is off the hook. It is an exciting, immersive experience where you can groove and dance to the music of our heart’s content.

TomorrowWorld is the first international edition of Tomorrowland, one of the world’s most popular electronic music festivals. It is taking place right now in Chattahoochee Hills, GA – September 27-28-29

Tomorrowland was held this past July in Boom, Belgium. Here is the official 2013 aftermovie with its incredible vibe. It has over 15 million views on YouTube!

Sending you all energy in Chattahoochie, Georgia for TomorrowWorld Day 3!  For those of us who aren’t there  in person but definitely there in spirit you can tune into TomorrowWorld TV Live on YouTube sponsored by Motorola MotoX and catch the event there.


David Byrne’s How Music Works Is Now Available in Paperback

David Byrne
David Byrne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How Music Works by David Byrne – Paperback Edition

David Byrne is a cognoscenti of the arts, specifically music and technology, but other arts and sciences as well.

His brilliantly articulate book about music has been updated with 30 new pages and many new photos.

You can win a free copy by entering McSweeney’s Fall How Music Works Contest

According to the author David Byrne,  “It’s been updated and amended considerably, as times change and so do we all.

it’s essentially a book with one idea: that context shapes music. Music isn’t an autonomous thing; what we hear is shaped by many extra-musical factors. Some chapters are autobiographical and anecdotal—as I can use my recording and performing experience to talk about how those mediums have affected my own musical output. Other chapters delve into (amongst other things) the economics of the music business, the acoustics of venues, music education and the idea of support for the arts… and whether or not musical structures are hard-wired in us.”

Mule-O-Ween 2013 – A Doors Tribute?

The past few years Gov’t. Mule has performed a special Halloween concert in various U.S. cities as part of their fall tour.  They select a famous rock group and pay tribute to their legacy. Past Mule-O-Ween shows have featured Gov’t. Mule playing the music of Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, The Who and Led Zeppelin. The Mule will choose a favorite album by these artists and play that album in its entirety.

This year it looks like Gov’t. Mule will be honoring The Doors in Los Angeles 10/30 and Oakland 10/31. There has been no official announcement but the poster design seems to indicate this as that is the fonts and the color scheme of The Doors. It will be awesome if they invited Robbie Krieger and/or John Densmore to play with them. That is purely speculation on my part.

I love that they will be honoring the late Ray Manzarek who we greatly miss and The Doors that night.

Gov’t. Mule’s “Shout” Recording Dropped 9/24, Time To Pick It Up ;)

There are very few bands that can light me up like Gov’t. Mule does. Their music reaches way inside the inner core of the music of our heart.  I think I will buy a copy of Shout today. I love what I am hearing on Spotify, it’s kicking!

Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God Matthew 5:9

A warm round of applause to Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi for extending the offer to jam with Dickey Betts this past Saturday night at the Beacon Theatre in NYC. Betts sat in for takes on the Allman’s “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” and “Blue Sky” towards the end of TTB’s set, before returning in the encore for “The Sky Is Crying.”



Kelley Stoltz – Double Exposure (12″ Vinyl)

I was hooked when I saw the unique  album cover of Double Exposure by Kelley Stoltz. Considering I never heard a single note from this independent singer-songwriter yet my inherent belief system told me I would experience the magic through graphic design that in turn would stimulate the psyche in music of our heart.

The first song I listened to and then watched as a music video was “Kim Chee Taco Man”. I found this track absurdly infectious as I melded to the beat of a one man garage band perfecting various dense sound layers.

Kelley Stoltz commented about the rhythm element found on Double Exposure: 

If I could mix Pete De Freitas from Echo and the Bunnymen, the Neu! Beat and Mick Fleetwood, I’d be a happy man. That’s what I am shooting for all the time.  – Kenny Stoltz, Double Exposure, Uncut Magazine November 2013

I tip my hat to the folks at Third Man Records for releasing this sonic gem from Kelley Stoltz. 🙂