Kelley Stoltz – Double Exposure (12″ Vinyl)

I was hooked when I saw the unique  album cover of Double Exposure by Kelley Stoltz. Considering I never heard a single note from this independent singer-songwriter yet my inherent belief system told me I would experience the magic through graphic design that in turn would stimulate the psyche in music of our heart.

The first song I listened to and then watched as a music video was “Kim Chee Taco Man”. I found this track absurdly infectious as I melded to the beat of a one man garage band perfecting various dense sound layers.

Kelley Stoltz commented about the rhythm element found on Double Exposure: 

If I could mix Pete De Freitas from Echo and the Bunnymen, the Neu! Beat and Mick Fleetwood, I’d be a happy man. That’s what I am shooting for all the time.  – Kenny Stoltz, Double Exposure, Uncut Magazine November 2013

I tip my hat to the folks at Third Man Records for releasing this sonic gem from Kelley Stoltz. 🙂


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