Ryuichi Sakamoto – Playing The Orchestra 2013

I have experienced a wonderful connection in the music of our heart with Ryuichi Sakamoto. It began innocently yesterday when I was listening to the remix of Meredith Monk and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s, “Astronaut Anthem”.

I decided to delve into Ryuichi Sakamoto’s body of work. I rediscovered his superb touch on the piano by listening to Playing The Piano, US Version (2010).

I was captivated by the beauty of the composition, “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence“. I researched Ryuichi Sakamoto on the InterWeb and discovered Commmons. A new music community for real artists and music lovers, an oasis I plan to visit often 🙂

“Commmons (Commons)” as artists, including Ryuichi Sakamoto in order to explore new possibilities of music, is a project which was established with Avex Group. Under the slogan “think global, act local”, and has a point of view ecological, as new music community aimed at social and cultural contribution, in order to create a better relationship between artist / creator, music industry, the user / listener “common land It is intended to be a (commons). ” In the hope that music (music) continues to exist in the center of the common land (commons), was named the three “m” and “commmons”.

I look forward to the future release, Playing The Orchestra 2013 (December 11, 2013)Ryuichi Sakamoto performs on piano with conductor Hirofumi Kurita  and the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

I hope one day to have the honor of revelling in the musical genius of Ryuichi Sakamoto live in  concert. It turns out he and I are the same age which inspires me greatly.


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