Rickie Lee Jones – Chuck E’s In Love

It was late in 1978, mid-December if I recall correctly. I was managing a record department for Caldors in Stamford, Ct. I was invited to attend a customer appreciation holiday party by my Warner\Elektra\Asylum (WEA) account rep.

At the party WEA was showing artist videos on a big screen color projection system. I remember watching  a new artist on the Warner Bros. label that my account rep was excited about, Rickie Lee Jones. I was given a poster that night of her soon to be released album (February 28, 1979). I don’t know what happened to that collectible…

The music video I saw was “Chuck E’s In Love”. I was knocked out with Rickie Lee Jones hip style and delivery. This was three years before MTV and rotational music videos as a channel. Music videos in 1978 were rare compared to how plentiful they are today with YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

The song became a monster hit as was her first album, Rickie Lee Jones. I sold many copies of that album in 1979.


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