The Audio Turntable Dilemma?

Third Man Records is promoting a Crosley Spinnerette Turntable that has struck my fancy. What has sold me so far on the unit is the Third Man Records brand, the rad color scheme and the cool phonograph accessories. These accessories include an  inverse aluminum 45 RPM Adapter, a lightning bolt spin mat and the Third Man Records LP carrier case 😉

The dilemma of buying the right turntable? I am also considering the ion iLP Digital Conversion Turntable for iPad and iPhone. We listen to a lot of music on the iPhone these days. I like what this unit offers in the way of conversion. It is only $76.34 on amazon, hmm….

I haven’t ruled out  the more professional turntable model from Audio Technica. These units have a preamplifier and would connect to the Sony Home Theater system we own(as would the ion iLP). The Audio Technica models however climb above my price ceiling of $200.

Decisions, decisions…

If anyone reading this blog post has any thoughts, opinions on this topic feel free to weigh in please. I am especially interested in audio turntables that you own and have achieved satisfaction with playing your vinyl LPs and 45s 😉


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