One of the most superb voices in all of rock music.


Christmas 2015 will see the release of a double CD of Greg Lake’s first self-titled solo album from 1981 and his second solo album Manoeuvres from 1983. This 2 CD set will include four bonus tracks which were previously only available on the “From the Underground Vol. 2” release, along with an extensive booklet.

This is a great and easy way to buy both of Greg Lake’s studio albums and all the rarities connected to these albums in one place. This title will be released on 27th November 2015 and can be preordered from Amazon here:

Also set for release on the same date will be Greg Lake and Geoff Downes’ Ride the Tiger project, which is a collection of six songs (plus one alternate version), recorded in late 1989 – early 1990, which have never been released together before. Four of the songs appeared on “From the Underground” and “From the Beginning: The Greg Lake Anthology” but this set includes the previously unreleased Street War and Affairs of the Heart – both of which ELP fans will recognise.

This release includes all new artwork and has the full approval of both Greg Lake and Geoff Downes.

This title will also be released on 27th November 2015 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon here:


Google Chromecast 2.0

As some of you know I am a technical instructor. Google is a constant focus of discussion in the classes I teach.

I have been very content with Google Chromecast 1.0 since 2013. It has brought an immediacy by connecting the Web dimensionality of video and cloud music to my home entertainment network.

Google announced yesterday two new Chromecast devices for home entertainment networks.  Google Chromecast 2.0 brings us a new video device and a new separate audio device solely for audio streaming. For a combined price of $70 it is a no-brainer upgrade. Now I don’t have to purchase that Sonos Wireless speaker and I get 5GHz (802.11ac Wireless) inside the Chromecast video dongle.

Google Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio

Content Discovery

There is also a new Google Chromecast App that adds a very seamless Chromecast programming experience. Watch out now Apple TV interface you’re on notice.

The Chromecast App Fast Play feature along with a 5GHz Chromecast video device speeds up loading time like you won’t believe.

You can watch the Google Chromecast App announcement here

I am excited to play with these two new Chromecast toys next week!

John Scofield – Past Present

“This record is past and present,” John Scofield says, “on different levels. First of all, this is this group that played together in the past and here we are in the present. That’s one thing. We’re still here. We come from the past, but we’re in the present. Also, jazz music–and all good music–has roots in the past. What is the past and what is the present? I start to think that time has less meaning as I get older. There is a Faulkner quote about that (from Requiem for a Nun), that ‘the past is never dead. It’s not even past.’”

A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters


On December 9th, 1964, John Coltrane and his classic quartet (Elvin JonesJimmy Garrison and McCoy Tyner) went into the legendary Van Gelder Studio in New Jersey and recorded A Love Supreme–the four-part suite that has influenced musicians and reached generations of fans far beyond the jazz world. Far less known is the fact that Coltrane, his classic quartet and two additional musicians–the legendary saxophonist Archie Shepp and second bassist, Dr. Art Davis–returned to the studio the next day to cut the opening part of the suite again. Until now, the complete picture of what happened on those two days, including all takes, overdubs, and even studio chatter, has been unavailable.

That will change on November 6th when Verve Music Group proudly releases A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of this seminal recording. It will include this alternate version, taken from reels from the personal collection of John Coltrane and originally recorded in incredible sonic detail by Rudy Van Gelder, along with revised notes and detailed information on these amazing lost sessions.

A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters will be available in two formats: a 2-CD set, including the original best-selling album, along with unreleased mono “reference” versions of two tracks, owned by Coltrane himself, and seven unreleased performances from the two sessions. A 32-page booklet features an extensive essay by Ashley Kahn, noted producer, instructor and author of A Love Supreme: The Story of John Coltrane’s Signature Album, rare photographs from the sessions and all of Coltrane’s surviving musical sketches and written elements for the groundbreaking, four-part suite, including the words that would become the poem, “A Love Supreme.”

A 3-CD “Super Deluxe Edition” of A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters adds what is currently the only documented live recording of the album, a spirited, impromptu performance from the Festival Mondial du Jazz Antibes in July 1965, which had been previously available on a 2002 edition of the album. This 3-CD set is presented in a larger format that includes additional information about the live material and a personal introduction by Carlos Santana.

Ashley Kahn writes in the essay to A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters: “Fifty years after its release, voices that speak of divine light and supreme love have trouble being heard. Lines that divide people run deep. At odds with itself, the world lacks the spirit to ascend and is needful once again of a spiritual recharger like A Love Supreme. The sound and message of John Coltrane remain more relevant than ever.”

Desert Rose – Sting, Cheb Mami

I love when songs I am not familiar with enthrall my being. I have discovered that feeling in the song, “Desert Rose” from Sting‘s 1999 album Brand New DayI don’t know why this song eluded my understanding 16 years ago but thankfully I can appreciate it now 🙂

Copyright A&M Records, “Desert Rose (Sting song) coverart” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia –

“Desert Rose” is a duet featuring the voices of Sting and Algerian rai singer Cheb Mami. It has a transcendent world music feel that I find rapturous compelling.



The Beatles No. 1’s DVD

There is nothing more exciting than a Beatles recording becoming newly available!

“These videos and films are spectacular reminders of the era we lived in. They also rock!” – Paul McCartney

“I think it’s really interesting to see the videos we made, some of them incredible and some of them really incredible. How else would we have got to sit on a horse?” – Ringo Starr

All-New Editions of The Beatles 1 Pair Beautifully Restored Promotional Films and Videos with Brand New Stereo and Surround Audio Mixes. My preference is the The Beatles – “1+” CD+2Blu-ray (Deluxe Limited Edition).

Let’s hear it for the art of tireless restoration. Thank you Apple Corps and the 18 person restoration team. You Rock!