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Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony will be held on February 12, 2017. The CBS network will broadcast the show live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The most prestigious party associated with the event is the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala. The festivities take place tonight, Saturday, February, 11 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

This year’s guests will include Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Ringo Starr, Metallica, Pharrell Williams, John Legend, Michael Keaton, Jane Fonda, Nile Rogers, Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, Neil Young, Brian Grazer, Larry King, Andrea Day and Wiz Khalifa.

Clive Davis’s influence has been felt for 50 years in the music industry. He will be honored with a documentary, Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives which opens the 16th Annual Tribeca Film Festival, at Radio City Music Hall on April 19, 2017. After the screening, an all-star music concert will take place featuring performances by Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Hudson and Earth, Wind & Fire. (to name a few)

The documentary is based on Clive Davis’s 2013 bestselling autobiography:

I admire Clive Davis who was President of Columbia-CBS Group in the heyday (1967-1973) at Big Black Rock on 52nd Street in New York City. This was a significant period that expanded my rock music appreciation.

An early pop signing of his was the British folk-rock musician Donovan, who enjoyed a string of successful hit singles and albums released in the U.S. on the Epic Records label.

Clive Davis went on to further success by founding Arista Records in 1975 by signing Patti Smith, Barry Manilow, and after Whitney Houston.

He’s 84 and still a pivotal force in the recording industry as Chief Creative Officer of Sony Music Entertainment.


Charles Lloyd & The Marvels

I love when an artist challenges our sensibilities with the musical directions they instinctively pursue. Charles Lloyd is that Zen Master.

I await the next musical sojourn Charles Lloyd and fellow musicians will carry us upon with joyous anticipation.

Read more about the soon released (January 15, 2016), “I Long To See You” album by Charles Lloyd & The Marvels on the Blue Note Records page.

My mission is to see Charles Lloyd & The Marvels at the home of jazz, Jazz at Lincoln Center next month.

Here is a past review I wrote about Charles Lloyd at Wesleyan University in 2011.

You can sample the first “teaser” track, “Of Course, Of Course” on Spotify.

I plan to make this a Charles Lloyd’s spiritual renewal weekend, Namaste’.

Miles Ahead – Social Music

English: Miles Davis
English: Miles Davis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cover of "Miles Ahead"
Cover of Miles Ahead

For those of you who know about and for those of you I am just informing Don Cheadle, actor and producer is making his directorial début with a film entitled, Miles Ahead. It’s a movie about Miles Davis‘s silent period between 1975 to 1979. Don Cheadle also plays Miles Davis in the movie. Filming has commenced in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We have a fantastic opportunity  through crowdfunding to get in on the ground floor of this paramount film and its original soundtrack recording.

Thank you Don Cheadle for the invitation. I just made a contribution. Give this project your consideration 🙂




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Paul Reed Smith Contributes Guitar to Metropolitan Museum of Art Music Collection

American guitar maker Paul Reed Smith presented a custom-made electric guitar to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in The Sackler Wing’s Temple of Dendur. This was followed by a demonstration of the instrument by legendary guitarist John McLaughlin.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art houses an encyclopedic collection of musical instruments. We have seen the musical instrument wing on more than one occasion. It is breathtaking in scope and appearance.

Paul Reed Smith makes custom electric guitars for Carlos Santana and other notable musicians.


Wayne Shorter – Zero Gravity

I love the spiritual muse contained in the music that Wayne Shorter composes and performs. His visionary role in jazz offers us a unique portal into an ever-expanding collective consciousness.

I made a pledge towards the 2014 documentary film, Wayne Shorter, Zero Gravity. It is a music  journey I have longed to see unfold from the source and his closest musical friends such as Carlos Santana and Herbie Hancock.

I then discovered that the Wayne Shorter documentary is now 100%  funded. I am proud to play a minor role in helping this enriching film extend our musical heritage.

Here is the first trailer clip which undoubtedly will ebb and flow by the time the film is released in 2014.

Jimi Hendrix – The Ultimate Lyric Book and Fashion

Lyrics are both powerful and seductive.  The lyrics of Jimi Hendrix fashion an in the music of our heart. I recently ran across a new book about Jimi Hendrix’s lyrics, Jimi Hendrix, The Ultimate Lyric Book, compiled by Janie Hendrix.  It is a loving, heartfelt tribute from a sister to a brother.

“When I was a child, I was always fascinated by my brother Jimi’s handwriting,” recalled Janie Hendrix, who compiled this collection. “It was an art form in and of itself. I remember the feeling of being captivated the first time I saw his handwritten lyrics, thinking how beautiful, how complicated both the writing and the words were on paper. Even now they offer such an insight into who my brother was and is.”

The blad (book layout and design) of the Europe and UK edition is view-able here on Issuu. Issuu is the future of mobile publishing. They offer a vivid experience for readers! I urge you to subscribe to their Web site and enhance your visual knowledge.

Cover Image

I discovered after the fact that Janie Hendrix was at Bloomingdale’s the other night, signing copies of Jimi Hendrix, The Ultimate Lyric Book. It was a pretty cool event. Bloomingdale’s flagship store on 59th Street in New York City held an event with Lyric Culture introducing a Jimi Hendrix clothing line together. Billy Cox (Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys) and Eric Gales played live as a special surprise. I met Billy Cox a couple of years back, he’s a really nice guy.

Lyric Culture has forged a great clothing concept, wearable lyric fashions. Visit their Web site and I bet you’ll find a song/artist item you’ll want to wear. I found several shirts I liked 🙂

More insight into Love This Giant


Keeping the home fires burning until Love This Giant drops on September 11, 2012. We literally can’t wait to see David Byrne and St. Vincent perform live at The Beacon Theatre on September 26, 2012.


Famous Album Covers Created With My Socks

I think this is novel and speaks to the creativity within someone’s psyche. Thanks Matt for putting me on to this artistic Tumblr site.

Famous Album Covers Created With My Socks


This is my favorite album cover thus far.

George Harrison – Living In The Material World

Cover of "Living in the Material World"
Cover of Living in the Material World

The Martin Scorsese picture, George Harrison: Living In The Material World is harvesting a spiritual renewal in the life, music and teachings of George Harrison. I am grateful that Olivia Harrison trusted Martin Scorsese with the task of putting together George’s story through archive films from the Harrison estate. I can think of no other film producer more worthy of sharing George Harrison‘s legacy with the world than Scorsese.

Whenever Paul McCartney speaks of George at live concerts, he refers to him as his little brother. I find comfort in Paul’s words. George Harrison was the spiritual disciple who commanded respect by the very nature of his silent religious smile.

Olivia Harrison is also releasing a coffee table book with Abrams Books which is a companion compilation to the film.  Living In The Material World  the book features photos, diaries and other memorabilia in conjunction with the documentary.

Rolling Stone Magazine’s latest issue (September 2nd) gives us an exclusive look at this new book with many never seen before pictures, along with a cover story about George Harrison’s life by Brian Hiatt.

rs1139 cover george harrison

Coming Soon, Patti Smith’s Greatest Hits – Outside Society

Courtesy of Paste Magazine Music News, Anti-Music and Oh No They Didn’t! Live Journal. Thank you for reporting this information. (See end of post for Web links.)

Patti Smith has announced that she’ll be releasing a greatest hits compilation on Aug. 23 via Columbia/Arista/Legacy.

I imagine this means that Patti Smith will be pushing back the release date of the studio recording she is presently working on, (I am not sure what stage of completion that recording is in now.) But when it arrives I will embrace it readily 🙂

The song choices for Outside Society were personally supervised by Patti Smith, and the CD’s booklet includes notes by the artist for each song.

Outside Society

Of “Because The Night,” for example, Patti writes: “Bruce Springsteen gave me a great gift in allowing me to lend verses to his beautifully constructed anthem. My contribution was written for my future husband, Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith. Though we have performed it hundreds of times, the strong response it draws always makes it fresh and exciting to sing.”

The landmark 18-song release marks the first single-CD collection to span Patti Smith’s recorded work on both Arista and Columbia. The chronologically arranged tracks move from 1975 (her debut album, Horses, with “Gloria” and “Free Money”) through 2007 (Twelve, with her cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”).

Also released on vinyl as a double-LP set, Outside Society will be available everywhere August 23rd. The music on Outside Society is newly remastered by award-winning engineer Greg Calbi and Patti Smith band member Tony Shanahan.

Image of Patti Smith

1. Gloria (Horses, 1975) *
2. Free Money (Horses, 1975) *
3. Ain’t It Strange (Radio Ethiopia, 1976) *
4. Pissing In A River (Radio Ethiopia, 1976) *
5. Because The Night (Easter, 1978) *
6. Rock N Roll Nigger (Easter, 1978) *
7. Dancing Barefoot (Wave, 1979) *
8. Frederick (Wave, 1979) *
9. So You Want To Be A Rock N Roll Star (Wave, 1979) *
10. People Have the Power (Dream of Life, 1988) *
11. Up There Down There (Dream of Life, 1988) *
12. Beneath The Southern Cross (Gone Again, 1996) *
13. Summer Cannibals (Gone Again, 1996) *
14. 1959 (Peace and Noise, 1997) *
15. Glitter In Their Eyes (Gung Ho, 2000) *
16. Lo and Beholden (radio edit) (Gung Ho, 2000) *
17. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Twelve, 2007) *
18. Trampin’ (Trampin’, 2004)

Writing about “Trampin’,” the final track onOutside Society, Patti muses in autobiographical style reminiscent ofJust Kids: “This unique spiritual, originally sung by Marion Anderson, was performed live in the studio with my daughter Jesse. It sings for the weary traveler seeking a home after years of work, words, and wandering.”

Don’t you just wish you could bottle and imbibe their energy, from a 1976 CBCB performance, the Patti Smith Group, “Gloria”