The Gaddabouts

Collaboration in music can be an exciting, rewarding process. The Gaddabouts is an all-star collaborative about to release their sophomore album Look Out Now on September 18th. The Gaddabouts are Steve Gadd (drummer), Edie Brickell (vocals), Pino Palladino (bass), and Andy Fairweather Low (guitar).

Photo by Amy-Beth McNeely

The quartet made their live debut at Carnegie’s Zankel Hall as part of the WFUV concert series. The 19-song, double disc album was recorded in New York City in April and July of 2011.


Dirty Projectors

I was reading the August issue of Uncut Magazine when I came across a story by Louis Pattison about the Dirty Projectors. The question posed at the top of the article states, “Are Dirty Projectors the most original and challenging band in America? I didn’t know how to answer a question about a band I know nothing about. So right away I am challenged 😉

I learned that the Dirty Projectors are from Brooklyn, NY. Very specifically they hail from the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. I have also read that Brooklyn is the Music Capitol of the World (see my past post about Brooklyn from a native artist, Paula Carino) so the puzzle pieces for the question above were beginning to interlock around the edje.

Dirty Projectors: <i>Swing Lo Magellan</i>

I next looked up Dirty Projectors on Spotify so I could listen to their music substantively. They have released six studio recordings since 2004. I knew I had to giddy up to get in league with where they are at so I chose to start with their latest, most accessible work, Swing Lo Magellan (July, 2012). 

I needed another data point about Dirty Projectors, soon I discovered this paragraph about Swing Lo Magellan.

For the group’s sixth album, Swing Lo Magellan, David Longstreth decided to take an approach that focused primarily on songwriting. Rather than trying to make every track work under an overarching theme, the songs on Magellan were crafted individually and with care. Each tune is perfectly capable of standing on its own, and there is a lot of diversity in the music, but the record still manages to feel whole as a work of art in itself. – Paste Magazine

Litchfield Jazz Festival, Goshen, Ct.


Today we are attending the Litchfield Jazz Festival in Goshen, Ct. Hoping it doesn’t rain too much today. We will be seated under the tent. This is our first time going to this event.

2012 Festival Line-Up

There will be many new jazz artists for us to listen to and learn more from today. I love having my music consciousness expanded with new music inputs.

The artist I am most excited to seei and hear  is Ambrose Akinmusire,  #1 New Artist in the JazzTimes Reader’s Poll. I am enamored with his début CD on Blue Note Records When the Heart Emerges Glistening.

Saturday August 11 Line Up

Helen Sung Trio – 12:00 pm

Helen Sung Trio

Sojourner Truth Project with Avery Sharpe – 1:45 pm

Ambrose Akinmusire Quintet – 3:30 pm

Salute to George Coleman with Gary Smulyan and Eric Alexander – 5:15 pm

Benny Green Quartet – 7:00 pm

Dirty Dozen Brass Band – 8:45 pm

Dirty Dozen Brass Band


Uncut Magazine – World Exclusive Neil Young The 2012 Interview

The music magazine that continues to impress me the most with their compelling, well articulated music articles is Uncut Magazine from the UK. Last month they featured an exclusive with Patti Smith that I enjoyed tremendously.

Uncut - July 2012

The present stateside magazine is the Take 183/August 2012 issue. The cover features the prolific Neil Young who at 67 years of age is rocking like a hurricane these days. Uncut features a 15 page article/interview that is aptly billed as a world exclusive.

Uncut - August 2012

The magazine also features informative articles that you can really sink your teeth into about the MC5, The Dirty Projectors and Peter Tosh.

Keep it going Uncut Magazine!

This Is My Jam Appeals to the Music Of Our Heart

The Spotify music platform continues to thrive as the ecosystem for launching purposeful social music applications. I was made aware of a simple, but oh so necessary app by The Echo Nest in my Facebook stream today, the app is called This Is My Jam.

I love the focus of the This Is My Jam app (incubated by The Echo Nest) which  is to share your favorite song with others as they share their favorite song with you. You get to choose one song only for your friends to hear. The song expires in seven days if you don’t change it. That’s it. I will try to share a new favorite song every day if I remember to do so 😉

The company’s greatest challenge to date, according to co-founder Matthew Ogle is, “finding a way to make Jam feel like an effortless enhancement of your existing online music life, and not become yet another social network.

I look forward to learning how the forthcoming This Is My Jam API will be structured for my development and customization hacks 😉

The Zombies Live at The Wolf Den

We attended a concert by The Zombies last night at the Mohegan Sun Wolf Den. Our seats were right down front in the “high roller” section 😉  Rod Argent played keyboards directly above us. Colin Blunstone sang to our immediate right.

The Zombies are associated with the British Invasion through their classic hits, “She’s Not There” and “Tell Her No“. I recall seeing the 45 rpm of  “She’s Not There” on Parrot Records way back when…

Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone spoke about their five decades history which features noteworthy and measurable accomplishments. The Zombies gave us a very balanced set of that music legacy. They did their 60’s hits, then delved deeper into Odessey and Oracle performing five tracks of this masterpiece recording. “Care of Cell 44”, “A Rose for Emily”, “I want Her, She Wants Me”, and the last song was the timeless universal hit,  “Time of the Season“. It was a very fun sing along at  The Wolf Den 🙂

File:Odessey and Oracle.jpg

Rod Argent spoke as one of the proud parents of Odessey and Oracle how the rich production has influenced generations of musicians. He was quite fond of Dave Grohl’s quote in NME.

“I would have loved to have been in the studio when The Zombies recorded [their 1968 masterpiece] Odessey and Oracle,” Dave Grohl told New Musical Express in 2011, when asked which classic album he would most liked to have put his stamp on. “It’s such a simple record, and such an amazing album, but the sounds are really primal and raw because of the technical limitations of the time. So yeah, probably that.”

ArtworkThey highlighted four songs from their latest studio recording,  Breathe Out, Breathe In, the title track, “Any Other Way”, “A Moment In Time”, and “I Do Believe”. I must admit the album has sturdy legs and grew on me last night.

They also featured the Argent song, “Hold Your Head Up” which was done in rousing fashion. I loved the fact that you had two members of Argent there, Rod Argent of course who truly shines on keyboard and special effects on this rock classic. We also had Jim Rodford the original bassist for Argent. Jim has also played with The Kinks and The Animals II. Hilton Valentine formed The Animals II. He now lives in Wallingford, Ct. and was in the audience directly behind us. He smiled approvingly through much of the show. I actually saw Hilton Valentine play with The Yarbirds a few years back at The Oakdale in Wallingford.

I was taken with a song that Colin Blunstone did from his days as lead vocalist for The Alan Parsons Project. Colin appeared on six of The Alan Parsons Project recordings. The selection he sang reached inside of me, “Old and Wise”. The song reached #21 on the Billboard AC charts in the US in early 1983 and #74 in the United Kingdom.

I bought a signed copy of The Zombies, Recorded Live In Concert At Metropolis Studios London.