Shambhu: Sacred Love, Feel the Journey


We all search to find the peaceful place inside our heart and soul, where love abounds. Thanks to Shambhu and our mutual friend, Christopher Buttner at PRthatRocks I’ve happily arrived at that spiritual space in time.  Its more than coincidental that Shambhu is a Sanskrit name meaning, “Source of Happiness.”

I have marveled at the sounds, textures and meditative feelings I am receiving from Shambhu’s New Age recording, Shambhu: Sacred Love, Feel the Journey.

We connect on various planes of thought, Shambhu and I. The first level of connection is spiritual. For through his music he calms the mind as our psyche tries to cope with the rapidly accelerating universe where we thrive to co-exist.

The second connection is a mutual affinity I posses with Shambhu for well stated guitarists who are a creative force in music, energy and light. I have been a long time fan of John McLaughlin and Pat Metheny. I hear the echoes and influence of these artists in Shambhu’s playing. I actually hear something more profound when I open my heart to Shambhu’s tone and resonance.  I arrive at a place of renewal and spiritual awakening when I listen to Sacred Love. Shambhu’s music is  the essence of the morning light  unfolding the soft petals of a rose, revealing the fragrance of the flower to the joy of our senses. 🙂

The third connection is more astral-physical. I am an instructional technologist. I have 30+ years of experience in the information technology sector, where I now teach and design instruction for the Web and the physical classroom. Shambhu is a technologist and a spiritual healer. These are the truest essences of my soul. My journey has been to become a cognoscenti in the disciplines of instructional technology, Web design and music journalism. I visualize these three disciplines in congruence. They are the zen of my work-life balance.

This is where my spirit intersects with Shambhu, a.k.a.  S. Neil Vineberg. We share a mutual affinity for spirituality and the healing power of music, transcended through technology. S. Neil Vineberg is working with a company called ThingLink, who is bringing a revolutionary collaborative digital medium to market. ThingLink provides a collaboration of technologies that lets you place a SoundCloud audio player inside your photos, connecting them to music, sounds and effects, voice annotations and narrations.

I’m not able to display what Shambhu and ThingLink have achieved together in my WordPress blog post due to code restrictions on Please click on this link to see this compelling technology advancement.

These are the three reasons that compell me to connect deeper with Shambhu’s musical journey. I urge you to listen to his music, Sacred Love, Feel the Journey and to watch the video documentary on YouTube that articulates how each song is architected.

You’re in for a rare treat. So unplug yourself from all the electronic trappings that prevent us from floating downstream and listen to Shambhu’s gift of spiritual, healing music. The happiness you have long been seeking will truly become your natural reward.




Coney Island Winter – Garland Jeffreys

I am very excited to share with you the brand new single by an artist I admire greatly, Garland Jeffreys, “Coney Island Winter”.

You can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

I love the photograph. We’ve never been to Coney Island, which is a real travesty. But thanks to you Garland we’re finally there.  We can smell the salt air and feel the sand under our shoes as we walk the boardwalk with you.

I feel the heavy coat of Winter peeling off my back and Spring very close at hand 🙂

Here’s what Garland shared about Coney Island Winter on Facebook today.

FINALLY!  The first song from the brand new album is released today: CONEY ISLAND WINTER!  I dedicate this song to to all my friends and fans who’ve patiently supported me through the long process of making this album.  I’ve taken to heart all your comments and kind words.  I look forward to seeing you on the road!  G

Garland, we look forward to seeing you live soon too!

Lucinda Williams – Blessed

I am enthralled with Lucinda Williams new recording, Blessed, it’s stellar work. Her songs have a raw, poetic edge rarely found in our American landscape.  Lucinda Williams is a singer/songwriter who reaches deep within my soul. I find a rare peace resulting from immersion in her muse. I listen to her songs when I am up late at night studying. She mentors my creativity as I draw upon her energy for life.

Lucinda Williams’s voice is gritty, a delicate blend of pathos intertwined with strong truth. Her music  is compelling. We’re close in age (she’s younger ;), yet she knows much more than I will ever fathom.

Lucinda Williams underscores her compassion for those she’s encountered through the cover art she has chosen for her deluxe CD. There are eight different covers each portraying striking studies of people holding the sign, “Blessed.”

I’m blessed to know these people through the photographs that Lucinda Williams shares with us. Each of the pictures makes me smile and wonder. The various covers directly correlate to the discoveries her songs unfold for us.

There are actually 10 different cover photographs available if you add in the standard edition and vinyl LP edition of Blessed. Her music keeps on giving. If you buy any version of Blessed by March 6th and mail them a copy of your receipt they will send you four more unreleased songs. I have to hand it to Lost Highway Records and the Lucinda Williams team for putting together an engaging marketing program for Blessed.

I have decided I’m going to pick  Lucinda Williams, Blessed deluxe CD after school today, I wonder what cover edition I’ll find 😉

The Radiators – Last Roundup Tour

We attended The Radiators Last Roundup Tour at Stage One in Fairfield, Ct. last night. The Radiators, from New Orleans, LA are hanging it up after 33 years of making great music together. When I read about The Radiators retiring from the road, I was moved by their commitment to their fans. So we went to honor them and the music that they make. We arrived unfamiliar with their music and left immersed in the love and the classic sounds The Radiators produce live.

We were taken by the energy of their fans, many of whom were devout Radiators “fish-heads”. It was evident that the majority of fans in attendance were ticketed for all three nights, Friday, 2/25, Saturday 2/26 and Sunday 2/27. They were fervent. They stood from the first song to the last, riffing off of every note, hanging on to The Radiators for dear life.  I couldn’t blame them, after all this is their favorite band who is playing one last time for them. I saw tears and lots of hugging going on. The “fish-heads” are a tight nucleus of fans, who celebrate each other and the music of The Radiators with a great deal of heart. We were up dancing with them by the third song of the second set and we too stood until the evening was over.

Stage One 2/26/11

The Radiators are all about classic, straight ahead, rock and roll, rhythm and blues and the blues music. They mix their originals with dedicated cover editions with equal passion. My highlight of the evening was their rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”. I will be trolling Live Downloads for this live recording. I saw the tape machine in the lobby and patted it on the back as I went to my seat. We had excellent seats, third row center.

The Radiators are all the original members from 1978, which is way cool when you think about it 😉