Lulu Full Preview Now Available! Prepared to be blown away!

I applaud how the Lou Reed and Metallica, LuLu Web site has updated their content on a regular and consistent basis. Many Web sites will state that they have built an initial Web site with more content to follow. I am presuming due to time and situation they are unable to fulfill that commitment in any kind of regular and/or timely manner.

The content provisioning for the LuLu, Lou Reed and Metallica Web site has been very consistent with content updates. The people responsible for this Web site have been very proactive with updating lyric content (which as of today is now complete for all 10 song), photos, video content and press information. It’s the right method to keep Lou Reed and Metallica fans engaged in the subject of a forthcoming product release. Staged content delivery allows a creation to breathe more naturally on its own.

Yesterday it was reported that a music e-tailer had posted all 10 song samples from Lulu prematurely and without permission. (Drop dates are 10/31 Worldwide and 11/1 North America). It was valuable to see the Lou Reed and Metallica record label take control of the “Internet leak” by countering the e-tailer sample listing with a SoundCloud page for all the samples. They did not name the e-tailer, which was a smart move, as they will need them when real product is available. I am betting that the official Sound Cloud sample page of LuLu received far more hits and comments because SoundCloud allows direct interaction as part of the SoundCloud sample along the time scale. It’s a non-aggressive authoritative way to wrest away content control and keep content ownership.

Wow they’ve gone one step further, I just discovered the entire recording available as a preview on their site here!!!! Yessssssssssssss, listen with it turned up full!!!