Jefferson Starship – Count On Me

Earth (Jefferson Starship album)
Earth (Jefferson Starship album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I happen to like the Jefferson Starship phase of Jefferson Airplane. I shuttled through their hits tonight and settled upon the song, “Count On Me” from Earth  (1978) to video post. Enjoy.



Pono Lets You “Feel the Soul of the Music

The InterWeb buzz for Neil Young’s PONO increased markedly this past week. The Music of Our Heart sifts through the various tea leaves to gather a  PONO brew for you as we enter the Christmas and New Year 2012 Holiday weeks. The number #1 PONO FAQ was, When Can I Have It?. Quite the act of faith considering PONO is unheard by the masses and very little is known, technically about this much-anticipated high-resolution audio solution. Neil Young tweeted earlier this month that Pono will roll out the service’s cloud-based music-library component and portable digital-to-analog players by summer. Patrick Flanary free-lance writer for Rolling Stone continues to keep us well-informed about PONO. Read more: Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

“It’s actually a little early for us to give any information,” Elliot Roberts (Neil Young’s Business Manager), the head of Lookout Management in Santa Monica, said in a brief telephone interview. “When we can comment, we’ll be an open spigot.”

Neil Young’s Ivanhoe, Inc. published “the” InterWeb home page for PONO where you can stay informed via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook 😉 MyPono From the About page…

Hi Friend, There’s an awfully good chance you heard about a revolution we’re working on. Something that will significantly improve the way you get to hear and feel your favorite music. Shocking you say? That perhaps the promise of “Perfect Sound Forever” propagated by the inventors of the Compact Disc was a bust? And that“CD Quality” promoted by the likes of iTunes and the creators of the MP3 was only an inkling of the flawed format they were hoping to emulate? We’re here to say it’s incredibly true! Miraculously, there’s a wealth of music & soul (or if you must, “data”) trapped on millions of recordings made over the last half century, that we’re hoping to unleash for the very first time. Can you imagine? Your own personal time machine, to take you back to the place and time of the original musical event, and let you feel music in ways you’ve only felt seeing it live? We here at Pono are listening to it now and assure you, IT’S AMAZING!!!! We ask dear music lover that you root for Pono bringing this very real technology to the world. We’re still toiling away on making this happen (yes, there are record labels, artists, publishers and more to finalize with), but we wanted to share our excitement with you. In the meantime, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates. Rescuing an art form, The Pono Team

Twitter:  @RealPono Facebook:

Kaleidoscope Art – Music By Kitaro

Offer yourself solemnity during this frantic holiday season. My thanks to the Domo Music Group and Kitaro, Namaste’

1) Kaleidoscope Art – Music by Kitaro “Impressions Of The West Lake” (HD Quality)
万華鏡アート 喜多郎 インプレッションズ・オブ・ザ・ウェスト・レイク (高画質)

2) Kaleidoscope Art – Music by Kitaro “Oasis” (HD Quality)
万華鏡アート 喜多郎 オアシス (高画質)

3) Kaleidoscope Art – Music by Kitaro “Oasis” (HD Quality) Version. 2
万華鏡アート 喜多郎 オアシス (高画質)バージョン2

Kitaro Official Website


Jerry Garcia Website Launches! – An Initial Review

Jerry GarciaTake a journey over to the just launched Jerry Garcia Web site . You’ll find it more than a long strange trip its been 😉

The Jerry Garcia Web site accomplishes two main objectives on behalf of its visitors, 1) Rich content about Jerry Garcia’s life, friends and accomplishments,  2) A creative, engaging shopping experience.

The site is designed by Third Door, Inc. I am surprised to learn how many popular music artist sites have been designed by Third Door’s David Maier. David’s choice of tools as a graphics and Web designer map to the Web software I plan to become more skilled in using in 2013 and beyond. The site was constructed with WordPress for content management, Adobe PhotoShop for images and Adobe Dreamweaver for HTML/HTML5 coding.

The Web site has a product tie-in promotion with the first release from the newly launched Garcia Live series which features a recording from the historic Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey on March 1, 1980.

My first assessment of the Web site is based upon the following viewpoint/criteria.

Fan Viewpoint

Shopping Experience – A+

The Jerry Garcia Store is a standout section. It is tightly coupled with the Garcia official merchandise offered through their exclusive arrangement with MusicToday for ordering/fulfillment. Products were easy to view with the Zoom feature available for closer articulation.

Fan level information – B+

The Timeline section has 97 posts but lacks an evolutionary dated timeline for context and correlation (suggestion…). The content offers in depth reading and visual images that drive the reading experience well.

My favorite image is the black and white photograph of Jerry Garcia playing the pedal steel guitar. The Bio is nicely summarized. I would have liked to have seen a Web link to Wikipedia or another more substantive biography about Jerry.

The News section is very initial with just 4 posts. But it is only Day 1 for the site ;).

Multimedia content – A+

The Music, Artwork and Video sections meld together in cohesive fashion. The Music section offers a cover art jump point to a second page with music vendors, song listings and just the right level of social network icons for now.

The Artwork area is a gem and it is a good first level representation of an evolving Gallery area. I suggest an Amazon link on this page to the coffee table book,  Jerry Garcia: The Collected Artwork for visitors (I just love leafing through that book!)

The Video section knocked me out. The highlight for me was Jerry Garcia’s 70th Birthday. I was unable to watch Move Me Brightly on TRIStudios this past August. I am pumped to see the 17:47 video highlight featured on the Video page.

Technology Viewpoint

Usability – A

The Web site fully leverages responsive design and WordPress content management effortlessly. The images are compelling and never oversized or stretched. Navigation is straight forward and relaxing. It represents a landscape book with a menu as table of contents off to the left side, unobtrusive but accessible.

Design- A+

The page design varies between various postings or single Photoshop images of Jerry that are warm testimonies of him.

Responsive design is available throughout the Web site, which makes this a technology appealing visual, audio, video experience.

I have anticipated the Jerry Garcia Web site for sometime now and I wasn’t disappointed one iota!

Great work team! I look forward to the content evolution from here on out.

Paul McCartney, Martin Short SNL Skit

I thought Paul McCartney and Martin Short were so campy together when they did this bit on SNL on 12/15/12.

Short and McCartney play a duo of Christmas singers, Caleb & Monty. Short won’t let McCartney sing, but when Short’s character storms off, the set falls away to allow McCartney to perform “Wonderful Christmastime” with the children’s choir—a perfect ending to the holiday episode.

(Click the image below and watch the SNL skit after the obligatory 15 second advertisement)

Pageant Audition



Jose Feliciano – Feliz Navidad – Westport, Ct.

feliz-navidadI was invited by my brother and his caretakers at the Westport Health Care Center to hear Christmas songs by Jose Feliciano tonight. Jose Feliciano lives in nearby Weston and he graciously took the time to perform for everyone. It made the Christmas season joyous to witness Jose Feliciano sing Feliz Navidad in such an intimate setting. Jose was joined by several other staff members, friends and their spouses to form a Christmas musical ensemble.

It was very moving to know Jose Feliciano and friends cared to take the time to spread holiday cheer with people confined to a nursing home.

I am very appreciative of the giving people at Westport Health Care Center for holding this special event and for all the special care they show my brother every day 🙂

Spooky Tooth

I was recently asked, Which classic rock band doesn’t get nearly as much respect as they deserve?

My answer is a rock group that was formulative in shaping and defining hard rock music, Spooky Tooth.

I owned several of their early albums released in the USA  on A&M Records. Spooky Tooth’s music was dream like which added just the right spice to late night FM radio programming. My favorite album by them was Spooky Two.

Spooky Tooth failed to garner the respect they deserved because their music suffered in the shadows of the greater selling achievements in 1969 from such artists as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, King Crimson and The Who.

Cover of
Cover of Dream Weaver

The most well known musician in Spooky Tooth was Gary Wright who went on to record the 1976 FM staples, “Dream Weaver” and “Love Is Alive”.   Spooky Tooth also gave us between 1967-1974 such musicians as Ariel Bender or as he was known then, Luther Grosvenor (Mott The Hoople), Chris Stainton (Grease Band), Henry McCullough and Mick Jones (Foreigner).

Give them a listen on Spotify or iTunes, I think you might be more enchanted with their sound than you realize. 😉

The Rascals: A Prelude

I an trying to wrap my mind around The Rascals multimedia event, Once Upon A Dream, that Rosemary and I saw last night as we returned to The Capitol Theatre in Portchester, NY. It’s a blog post I want to do justice to so I can’t publish it yet, but trust me I will as soon as I get the proper time to write my thoughts and observations.


In the meantime let me whet your appetite for The Rascals live. There were many highlights last night. The high point for me was seeing Eddie Brigati sing, “How Can I Be Sure”.

Here is a YouTube video of Eddie Brigati at BB King’s Club in NYC. I just love the adoration Kate Taylor shows him as a fan and fellow musician. What’s even cooler is that he invites his wife up and his brother David Brigati to sing background vocals with him. I never realized until I began to research The Rascals how important David Brigati was to The Rascals sessions.

The video gets even better after Eddie sings, “How Can I Be Sure”. Jimmie Vivino who is playing piano asks Gene Cornish to come up and he plays harmonica as they do “Groovin”. What an out a site session!

Steven Van Zandt and his wife Maureen have produced a wonderful, nostalgic musical in Once Upon A Dream. Their love of The Rascals is evident through out the production.

Please enjoy for now Little Steven’s induction of The Rascals into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1997) and their subsequent performance. It will give you a taste of what we lovingly experienced last night 🙂

The Lumineers Is Our Favorite Album of 2012

I first read about the Lumineers in a New York Times column about the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas this past March. It is an event as a music journalist I long to attend.

The Lumineers, from Colorado, balance the plaintive with the foot-stomping. Wesley Schultz sings in a high tenor about love, time and disillusionment, at once wistful and hard-headed. But while he philosophizes, the band, including a cello, backs him with the enthusiasm of buskers, keeping the songs grounded. During the set I saw, it made a point of going out into the club to belt one song unplugged and got the room singing along. – Jon ParelesBands, Bands, Bands

I looked them up on the Internet, wondering what their music sounded like and if they had any tour dates in our market. Sure enough The Lumineers were booked to appear at StageOne in Fairfield, Ct. on April 19th. The ticket price was $12 which I saw as reasonable and a great music value.

I’m so glad we went to see them as they were just beginning to ascend. Their stage presence and musicianship was infectious. We became instant fans. They made us feel like members of their family. I bought their CD that night and we’ve played it ever since 🙂

On Record Store Day this past month I made a point to find The Lumineers Winter EP. I’m dying to open and play it (I usually keep all my record store day vinyl purchases sealed as a collector.)

Here is a video of The Lumineers performing “Ain’t Nobody’s Problem” a song on that EP.


Our Hearts Are Heavy Tonight

The senseless tragedy and loss of life in Newtown, Connecticut today is overwhelming. We are numb and our hearts go out to the families of the victims, their friends and loved ones.

I often worry about safety in school as a teacher. It breaks our heart to know that so many people were killed today in a neighboring community.

Dear God receive these angels into your kingdom and comfort all in our time of great sorrow.